Decorating a New House from Scratch

November 3, 2021

Moved into a new house?

Must be feeling so liberated right??

After you have let the new atmosphere grow on you, now is the time to come up with a plan to decorate your own empty shell into an attractive and inviting space for your friends and relatives.

Don’t let different people tell you different things because, in this article, we’ll be guiding you step by step on how to decorate a new house from scratch.

Let’s get started. . .

  • Get rid of the clutter

Hold on to the mantra ‘Declutter before you decorate.’ Reducing clutter can give a breeze of fresh air to your physical space and also lets you manage your rooms and house a little more efficiently. Scattered things, paperwork, empty bottles, etc. can give your home a disorganized look.

  • Do one room at a time

Give yourself enough space for decorating all the rooms. Start with one room and finish it completely before you move on to the next. This will help you create a holistic picture in your mind about the color scheme and matching of textiles throughout the home. You can play with all the elements in one room, for example, furniture, light, fabrics, wall art, and other decor items but don’t transition between rooms otherwise things will start to get confusing. Do look for the space when you are looking around for House for rent in Islamabad.

  • Practice less is more while purchasing new stuff for decoration

If you buy everything that catches your eye in the market, blindly, then you’ll end up accumulating stuff that you don’t even need. Remember that minimalism is the key to elegance these days so buy only those decor items which are really worth it. This tip is especially directed towards those people who have moved into a rental house and don’t intend on living there for a longer period.

TIP: If you find any Offices for Sale in Islamabad or any other city and find the price feasible, make sure you visit it and check whether ample light flows into its bedrooms as this also tends to decorate the home in a natural way.

  • Fight the urge to match everything

Store owners and interior designers will tell you that everything has to match but lately it has been a myth. Everything in the same color would lend a lifeless character to your home and it would like a showroom rather than a personal space. Therefore, it is essential that you go for contrasting colors. For example in your bedroom, if all the furniture is of neutral colors and the wallpapers are also light, you can install a popping bean bag of red color in a corner to hype up the ambiance.

  • Experiment with new textiles or colors

The floor must have various textures throughout the home. The kitchen and bathrooms can have shiny tiles but in the bedrooms, you can put throw pillows or hard rugs on the floor to give variety.  Also, don’t settle on routine colors for your bedrooms, rather try beige, grey, and teal to boost up the atmosphere.

  • Go for lesser expensive solutions if you face practical problems

Simply changing the lightning of your living room can make a great difference. Or just painting the kitchen cabinets in new colors can give your kitchen an inviting look. Don’t spend a lot of money on expensive woodwork or fabricated curtains that might tend to look out of place. You can always go for innovative and modern solutions to decorate your home.

  • Keep it fresh!

Always keep a reed diffuser or a central fragrance in the midst of your living space as it will freshen up things and keep your moods bright and perky. You can also opt for wind chimes on those doors that are frequently visited so that vibrancy and light melodies can be maintained.

If you have all the ideas regarding decorating and designing the interior of a house but you are unable to seek the perfect house of your dreams, simply get in touch with the professional agents at the official website of Gharbaar.

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